Restore power to your website.

3 reasons to modernize your site.

① I set your business apart from your competition through research and positioning your business differently.

② I style your writing for a must-read appeal.

③ I update your marketplace position with a clear message and clean corporate identity.

Instead of hiring a designer for your website, it makes more sense to write it, then design to support the writing.

Many websites speak in a kind of truncated stocato. “About us” “Read more”.

We can bet it’s because the design came first,
with the assumption the text does’t matter as much as appearance.

My favorite Work

Let’s take the first step
right now.

You’re thinking about price, right?

Ok. One page, similar to this one, $800.

Why? What were you thinking?

Ok. Let’s go with your number. The one with the comma in it.

The booster stage returned to touch down on land, making it reusable.Then we use rocket science.

I write and design websites useing rocket-science to make your site sticky—which means visitors stick around to read it.

Pictured at left is Space X’s spent Falcon 9 booster making a ground landing, barely 10 minutes after it launched on December 21, 2015.

Mentioning it here is a good way to use rocket science.
Nobody else is doing this.

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